Friday, March 1, 2013

Back and still kickin'!


It's been a long time since i wrote the last Post, but i have great news!

I got my new Hardware and it is running smoothly!

So i already got back @ my current projects and the only thing missing is
some old data from my prior PC (like Stock Images, Textures and stuff).

I am really happy, it was a big struggle to get the money, but one really great Person
made it possible. Because on my own i never would have been able to get so much money
in time. Now i am set for a long time, with this really impressive machine!

And just for the people who are interessted, it is so increadibly much better to work with
the new monitor (@2560x1440) and 32gb of ram.
Just this stupid ProCaster is still killing my hardware if i choose a higher resolution for
the stream. All Xeon prozessors are running at 100% (with Hyperthreading) without
managing to pull 25-30 fps with native resolution.
But i found a quite comfortable compromise in resolution vs. fps vs. cpu usage.
And i will further investigate this as soon as i start streaming again.
And that be said, i want to be streaming a lot of times, just because i can without
sacrificing workflow.

And i want to announce a new themeweek, just to make sure i don't forget about it right
after i went to bed. I will give all clients 20% off on every character concept or character illustration.
I know it's a wider theme than usual but i am in a pretty good mood and i want to share it!
This Week will last till next friday, as always.

And please you great people out there, just message me if you want a artwork!
I am always open to chats and new projects <3

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