Wednesday, April 10, 2013

organic spaceship concept
didn`t make though...


  1. A new ship for Entaria? Bio-Ware Spaceship

  2. I gladly would hand it to you, if it would be solely depending on me. I have to wait for the final design and it`s likeness. But if it`s too similiar i can surely modify it to be less look-alike.

    The description of this job was to draw a spaceship grown out of a tree, roots and green matter. It is pretty much the same as the first quick concept in my livestream db. But somehow the client refused it, as to seem to much made out of seperate components.

    It wouldn`t be so hard for me, if it didn`t took hours and hours to get this level of detail and sharpness. I surely put 30 hrs into it.

    But hey, i learned some stuff, and maybe i can hand it over to you. So it`s not really a loss!