About Calabria.Art

Hey Folks,

I am Anthony John Calabria the III. but you may call me Tony (and i would be pleased if you do so!)
I recently started my freelancing career and therefore i have a lot to do to get everything running.
But most stuff we can negotiate anyways.

I am happily married since mid 2012 and i am living in germany.

I called my business Calabria.Art because there is a lot of artistic potential in my family, and therefore it may happen one day that my wife or sister or even child will join forces with me :D

Tools of the trade are Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. My current PC is a old mess. And i wouldn't be surprised if he dies within some weeks. He always coughs if i do something more complex than browsing facebook. And due to all the crashes and lost hours of work i actually wouldn't mind it, but currently i wouldn't be able to replace it...

Ways to contact me:

Blog: http://calabriaart.blogspot.de/
DeviantArt: calabriaart.deviantart.com
Email: calabria.art@gmail.com
Facebook: Anthony John Calabria (and later my Facebook-Business Site: Calabria.Art)
ICQ: 550-467-730
Skype: Antharyus84 

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