Friday, June 13, 2014

Suche Neue Aufträge!


Da ich mit meinen aktuellen Aufträgen beinahe fertig bin, suche ich nach neuen bezahlten Projekten. Gerne auch etwas Langfristiges!

Illustrationen, Konzepte, Cardart, Cover... etc.

Private Concept

Here a Oger concept i did for a personal project.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

Back and still kickin'!


It's been a long time since i wrote the last Post, but i have great news!

I got my new Hardware and it is running smoothly!

So i already got back @ my current projects and the only thing missing is
some old data from my prior PC (like Stock Images, Textures and stuff).

I am really happy, it was a big struggle to get the money, but one really great Person
made it possible. Because on my own i never would have been able to get so much money
in time. Now i am set for a long time, with this really impressive machine!

And just for the people who are interessted, it is so increadibly much better to work with
the new monitor (@2560x1440) and 32gb of ram.
Just this stupid ProCaster is still killing my hardware if i choose a higher resolution for
the stream. All Xeon prozessors are running at 100% (with Hyperthreading) without
managing to pull 25-30 fps with native resolution.
But i found a quite comfortable compromise in resolution vs. fps vs. cpu usage.
And i will further investigate this as soon as i start streaming again.
And that be said, i want to be streaming a lot of times, just because i can without
sacrificing workflow.

And i want to announce a new themeweek, just to make sure i don't forget about it right
after i went to bed. I will give all clients 20% off on every character concept or character illustration.
I know it's a wider theme than usual but i am in a pretty good mood and i want to share it!
This Week will last till next friday, as always.

And please you great people out there, just message me if you want a artwork!
I am always open to chats and new projects <3

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Open for comission!

After some pretty busy days with all the family stuff i have to announce:

I am open for comissions!

So don't hesitate to order some art! :D
prizes are negotiable as always, don't get scared by the numbers.
Just ask me and i will see what i can offer! <3

Oh and there is still this themeweek thingy running. And because i didn't announce anything related to it, you can ask for a theme and therefore for a discount!

Facebook: Anthony John Calabria (and later my Facebook-Business Site: Calabria.Art)
ICQ: 550-467-730
Skype: Antharyus84 

Friday, December 7, 2012


Ways to contact me:

Facebook: Anthony John Calabria (and later my Facebook-Business Site: Calabria.Art)
ICQ: 550-467-730
Skype: Antharyus84

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back in business!

Got a monitor replacement. I now use temporarly the one of my wife and she uses a old 4:3 17" Screen from my mom lol

It feels good to be able to continue working.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monitor Shutdown!


I have to announce that i won't be able to use my pc for several days/weeks. Because my screen has died.
It will take some time to get it replaced. I will still be able to read messages once in a while on the pc of my wife. But that's it.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The RPG Adventure is released!


Finally has released it's selfmade RPG Adventure, the cover is by me!
If you want to read it (it's german only) you can find it here

You can find the cover also in my Gallery on Deviantart, here

Friday, November 30, 2012

Vector Art on the Flight


A good friend of me, wich i did the vector eagle (my first vector artwork ever) now managed to get it printed on some uniforms. He is a aircrafttechnician @ the german marine corps. (don't know how to explane this properly lol).

The Picture he took is pretty much low quality but i am honored that a troop of people is acutally wearing art of me :D

The original can be found in my gallery over at DeviantArt!

Cover for Ultralight GRT!

This is the cover art for the new "Ultralight GRT" Rulebook for the Free RPG Day 2013!
The german Website can be found here!

Theme Week!

DRAGON Theme Week!

Because i think friday is a good day to start a new theme (tgif, as i recently learned)

I will announce the first one today!

And it will be Dragons!

Well ok, i know this is business as usual but i am pretty sure
there are people out there who love dragons as much as i do.
And because of my previous comission i am still in the mood.

Ok so what does this basically mean?

If you comission me to paint a artwork wich features
a dragon i will grant you a 10% discount.

This may be a creature concept, a environment wich has a dragon
in it (but as focal point) or a character with a dragon (as mount or such).

And for further Theme Weeks, if i don't announce the new theme in time
you can remind me and then suggest a new theme.

This should be narrow to a degree.

Things i thought about are for example:

- Black and white Weeks
- Any type of Creature weeks (like Horses/Unicorns, Zombies, Demons)
- Any type of Character theme weeks (like knights, mages, cowboys)
- Landscapes of certain type (like desert, jungle, fallout)
- Concepts (like armor, vehicles, weapons, mechs, spaceships)

Or something like that.It shouldn't be something to unspecific.

So if you have a project wich features a specific theme you can
get a decent discount by just reminding me of the theme week.

I will announce the theme week till 18:00 - 6pm - GMT +01:00.

Changes to my Blog


I want to give you a update on some things.

I decided to switch the default language to english. I just want to make sure that international clients and english speaking friends can follow me without any problems.

I assume that most of my german clients and friends are able to read english well enough anyways.

Hopefully everything is translated well enough. Even though my english lacks practice.

I aditionally changed the width of the site to support  lower resolutions. It should work well down to 1280 width.

If i find the time i will add a selfmade Background. All the default stuff is annoying the hell out of me!


I Finished the artwork for the free rpg day wich i did for the "Seelenfaenger" RPG Ultralight Variant.
I will ask before posting it here. So you can see this piece of awesomness :D


Saturday, November 24, 2012


I have finally set up a price guide!

you can find this guide HERE

Just for safety i repeat myself like a broken record once again.
This prices are just a rough guideline. They are all negotiable!

And beside this update of the site i want to put something straight.

I want to herald my opinion about "free artworks", wich bothered me for a long time.
And again for safety, this is nothing personal, i just have to speak about this.

I won't do free artworks anymore. With some rare exceptions for special reasons.

The reason behind this is quite simple. I just don't like working my ass of for NOTHING in return.

Every person can spend a few bucks. Even people with low wages. I speak out of experience.
This surely involves forgoing something. But it's simply unfair to expect me to forgoe
my payment AND to work 10hrs or more for you. i want a fair trade.

So, just to be clear, i won't work for free. BUT i may accept some other kind of return.
This may be a service, a good advertisement or something else i just didn't think of.

Another thing wich causes trouble with free work is, that, if there is a deadline
involved it can collide with payed work. And i don't want to risk the chance of not meeting deadlines.
Therefore you have to accept that i may give your free comission a lower priority.
If this causes me to finish your artwork 2 months later, i am pretty sorry, but
this is how it works. This will be different if we agreed upon some specific deadline.

And of course all agreements i met earlier are not subject to this post.

So finally i hope you can understand me. I finally started my freelancing
wich is causing me extra costs. So i can't be too generous anymore.
My prices and discounts may already be too much lol

So, in short, you may ask for a free comission, but i would prefer
some kind of return. And you may have some disadvantages if i agree on it.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interview @ Teilzeithelden

Nun gibt es auch das Interview bei den Teilzeithelden

For my international clients, this is a interview on a german roleplaying blog.
So i am sorry that you can't read it. If you insist i would translate it for you and post it here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ludus Leonis and Nipa'jin Artworks

Hey es gibt was neues zu Nip'ajin von Ludus Leonis!
Dort könnt ihr schon eines meiner Bilder bestauenen :D

For my international clients. This is an article of a publisher for wich i recently finished 5 Illustrations.
One of those Illustrations you can already see there.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Current Work


There are news of Calabria.Art!

I finally got the "go" for my starting freelancing carreer. This means that i can set up everything to officially start on the 1th of December.

If i wouldn't have as much work as i do now i would maybe cheer a lot more. Now i can forgoe sleeping to get everything done

Edit: Yep, as i predicted at this post, now i got dark circles around the eyes X_x


Current projects i am working on:

I have done a cover for Teilzeithelden and their selfwritten (and hopefully soon released) RPG Adventure.

I will post a link to the Adventure as soon as it is released. But it will be in german, so sorry for all non-german readers.

Additionally i work on 5 Characters for Nip'ajin from Ludus Leonis!

For Ultralight GRT there is a Cover planned. ForFree RPG Day 2013!

And of course i am still working on Illustrations for the fantastic Scifi project Entaria!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

My new Blog!

I hope i can get started soon.

Here i will post anything that matters to me, discuss topics and give you all news related to my freelancing.