Friday, November 30, 2012

Changes to my Blog


I want to give you a update on some things.

I decided to switch the default language to english. I just want to make sure that international clients and english speaking friends can follow me without any problems.

I assume that most of my german clients and friends are able to read english well enough anyways.

Hopefully everything is translated well enough. Even though my english lacks practice.

I aditionally changed the width of the site to support  lower resolutions. It should work well down to 1280 width.

If i find the time i will add a selfmade Background. All the default stuff is annoying the hell out of me!


I Finished the artwork for the free rpg day wich i did for the "Seelenfaenger" RPG Ultralight Variant.
I will ask before posting it here. So you can see this piece of awesomness :D


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