Friday, November 30, 2012

Theme Week!

DRAGON Theme Week!

Because i think friday is a good day to start a new theme (tgif, as i recently learned)

I will announce the first one today!

And it will be Dragons!

Well ok, i know this is business as usual but i am pretty sure
there are people out there who love dragons as much as i do.
And because of my previous comission i am still in the mood.

Ok so what does this basically mean?

If you comission me to paint a artwork wich features
a dragon i will grant you a 10% discount.

This may be a creature concept, a environment wich has a dragon
in it (but as focal point) or a character with a dragon (as mount or such).

And for further Theme Weeks, if i don't announce the new theme in time
you can remind me and then suggest a new theme.

This should be narrow to a degree.

Things i thought about are for example:

- Black and white Weeks
- Any type of Creature weeks (like Horses/Unicorns, Zombies, Demons)
- Any type of Character theme weeks (like knights, mages, cowboys)
- Landscapes of certain type (like desert, jungle, fallout)
- Concepts (like armor, vehicles, weapons, mechs, spaceships)

Or something like that.It shouldn't be something to unspecific.

So if you have a project wich features a specific theme you can
get a decent discount by just reminding me of the theme week.

I will announce the theme week till 18:00 - 6pm - GMT +01:00.

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