Saturday, November 24, 2012


I have finally set up a price guide!

you can find this guide HERE

Just for safety i repeat myself like a broken record once again.
This prices are just a rough guideline. They are all negotiable!

And beside this update of the site i want to put something straight.

I want to herald my opinion about "free artworks", wich bothered me for a long time.
And again for safety, this is nothing personal, i just have to speak about this.

I won't do free artworks anymore. With some rare exceptions for special reasons.

The reason behind this is quite simple. I just don't like working my ass of for NOTHING in return.

Every person can spend a few bucks. Even people with low wages. I speak out of experience.
This surely involves forgoing something. But it's simply unfair to expect me to forgoe
my payment AND to work 10hrs or more for you. i want a fair trade.

So, just to be clear, i won't work for free. BUT i may accept some other kind of return.
This may be a service, a good advertisement or something else i just didn't think of.

Another thing wich causes trouble with free work is, that, if there is a deadline
involved it can collide with payed work. And i don't want to risk the chance of not meeting deadlines.
Therefore you have to accept that i may give your free comission a lower priority.
If this causes me to finish your artwork 2 months later, i am pretty sorry, but
this is how it works. This will be different if we agreed upon some specific deadline.

And of course all agreements i met earlier are not subject to this post.

So finally i hope you can understand me. I finally started my freelancing
wich is causing me extra costs. So i can't be too generous anymore.
My prices and discounts may already be too much lol

So, in short, you may ask for a free comission, but i would prefer
some kind of return. And you may have some disadvantages if i agree on it.

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