Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Current Work


There are news of Calabria.Art!

I finally got the "go" for my starting freelancing carreer. This means that i can set up everything to officially start on the 1th of December.

If i wouldn't have as much work as i do now i would maybe cheer a lot more. Now i can forgoe sleeping to get everything done

Edit: Yep, as i predicted at this post, now i got dark circles around the eyes X_x


Current projects i am working on:

I have done a cover for Teilzeithelden and their selfwritten (and hopefully soon released) RPG Adventure.

I will post a link to the Adventure as soon as it is released. But it will be in german, so sorry for all non-german readers.

Additionally i work on 5 Characters for Nip'ajin from Ludus Leonis!

For Ultralight GRT there is a Cover planned. ForFree RPG Day 2013!

And of course i am still working on Illustrations for the fantastic Scifi project Entaria!


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